What will your rain days be like ?


From Mondays to Fridays, trainees will be engaged at RAIN from 9 am till 5 pm. We understand that trainees are mostly adults and therefore we try to make training sessions extremely interactive, lively and educative. Course facilitators will do everything to help trainees achieve their goals, including listening attentively to questions asked during sessions and via email,  and providing close guidance during practical sessions.

A typical day will involve theory in-class sessions and workshop practise sessions. Each trainee will be assigned to mentors (any of the senior technical advisors), and will have occasional mentorship meetings arranged.

Trainees who are sponsored by state or federal government bodies would need to ensure that their projects/product development focus is on an immediate need of their sponsor. This will be pre-agreed.

All trainees are required to have a laptop, however, on-site computers would be provided where needed.

There will be safety rules, risk assessments and necessary equipment safety training to be undertaken before trainees are allowed to make use of on-site workshop equipment such as laser CNC machine and others.


On weekends, trainees would not be required to visit the learning hub. The hub would however be opened to research members every day of the week.

Trainees who wish to visit the hub on weekends for extra work would need prior booking.

Otherwise, activities available for trainees on weekends will include:

  • General Leisure and Relaxation Activities
  • Vehicle Driving Lessons (Optional)
  • Outdoor Sport Activities (Optional)
  • Weekend Jobs (if any)

Ibadan city is known for its social life. There are a number of places to visit, and our trainees would be given orientation about the city of Ibadan, the sights and facts about the ancient city. 


AT RAIN, we observe every and all public and bank holidays as directed both by the federal and state government.

Tunmise, RAIN Ambassador

Tunmise, RAIN Ambassador